Wood Size

The Lumber Industry has an "interesting" way of measuring wood.   When you buy a 2X4 it is (most likely) really 1.5 by 3.5.  This is because "soft" (example, pine) "green" wood is thicker than "dry" wood.

This is a good explanation of how to measure board feetAnother list of the actual measurements of wood is the size they call it in the store, Actual or "Dressed" is the real size of the wood.

My experience with Treated Pine is as follows:
Dressed                  Nominal
0.75" X 3.5" = "1 X 4 X (length)"
1" X 5.5" = "5/4 X 6 X (length) Treated Y/P Std/BTR Decking"
1.5" X 3.5" = "2 X 4 X (length) No 2 Prime PT SYP .40"
1.5" X 7.25" = "2 X 8 X (length) No. 2 Prime PT SYP .40"

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